Annual appraisals enable both locum doctors and healthcare organizations to reflect on their performance throughout the year, discuss areas for improvement, and plan for future development. Unlike permanent doctors who have regular appraisals with their employers, locums often have to conduct their own appraisals.

The annual appraisal for locum doctors is a critical process for locum doctors, and it is crucial that they prepare appropriately for it. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of the annual appraisal process for locum doctors and provide them with helpful tips.

Why Annual Appraisals are Important

The benefits of annual appraisals for locum doctors are numerous, and some of them include:

Assessment of Development Progress

Annual appraisals enable locum doctors to evaluate their overall progress and seek feedback on their clinical practice, professional development, and progression.

Identify Areas of Improvement

Annual appraisals can help locum doctors identify and address areas where they need to improve, including clinical practice, interpersonal skills, and personal development.

Renewal of Contracts

Annual appraisals provide an opportunity for locum doctors to justify the renewal of their contracts, showcasing their skills, competencies, and achievements.

Annual Appraisal Process for Locum Doctors

The annual appraisal process for locum doctors differs slightly from that of permanent doctors. Here are the steps in the process:


Locum doctors should prepare adequately for their annual appraisal. This includes reviewing their objectives, performance reviews, feedback, and personal development plans.


Locum doctors should ensure that they have evidence to support their appraisal, such as their clinical cases log, CPD record, patient feedback, and appraisal reports.

Discussing Feedback

During the appraisal, locum doctors should discuss the feedback they have received and identify areas where they need to improve.

Goal Setting

Locum doctors should set goals for the upcoming year, developing an action plan to achieve these goals and record progress made towards these targets.


Locum doctors should review their performance and progress regularly, seeking feedback from colleagues, supervisors, and patients.


Annual appraisals are an essential process for locum doctors to evaluate their performance, progress and plan for future development. By properly preparing and taking steps to ensure that they have evidence documenting their progress, locum doctors can showcase their achievements, progress and justify the renewal of their contracts. They should remember to set achievable goals for the upcoming year and continue to seek feedback from those around them to continue developing their skills and improve their service delivery.

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